Appreciation for home décor is becoming more prevalent as many people today seek blissful interiors. Plants are an affordable and environmentally friendly way to decorate your house and make it look unique and artistic. They are well-known for helping clean the air by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

Plant holders act as a statement piece for your decor. Nowadays, there are a variety of styles, and choosing the right one can accentuate and bring life into your space. Think about plants as accessories while you are decorating and consider the shape, size, and height to accomplish balance.

Remember, it’s also essential to take care of plants, do your research, and check if they are healthy and happy. At first, you might find it difficult, but don’t give up. Connecting to plants is a fantastic learning experience which brings so much joy and benefits to your mental health.

Here are my favorites. I recommend these for their great aesthetic and easy care:


Snake plants are easy to care for and manage. They are an ideal size and keep their shape well. There are wide varieties, and while they all look similar, the difference lies in their size, some growing up to 12 feet. It could be readily displayed as versatile decor, styling coffee tables, shelves, counters,etc.

Care tips: Locate the plant in an area where the sun does not hit directly; you don’t need to water it too often, and it will thrive there.


Dracena, also known as a corn plant, is a good air purifier with low maintenance. This plant can breed in non-natural light, which makes it an ideal fit for the home. One of the exclusive-looking plants not quickly found resembles a small coconut tree, with thin leaves adding a touch of elegance to any interior.

Care tips: The Dracena requires less water than most indoor plants. Always allow 1 inch of the topsoil to dry before watering. It’s not a good idea to place the Dracena in direct sunlight because it will stress the plant. When that happens, the leaves will turn brown and fall off.

3. Kentia Palm

The Kentia Palm brings a nice tropical feeling into your interiors. This plant has palm shaped leaves which grow up to 40 feet adding a great height.  Once the plant is settled, it requires very little care. The Kentia Palm is a great way to begin if you are a novice with plants.

Care tips: Kentia palms do best in bright, indirect light. Avoid direct light since this will dry the leaves. They require a warm room with temperatures between 18˚-24˚C and minimum of 12˚C. These plants thrive in a humid environment.

 4. The FIddle-leaf Tree

The fiddle-leaf tree is a shrub. People love them because they are statement pieces, and you can use them to complement the interior. It certainly adds a graceful aesthetic to the area.

Care tips: They are easy to maintain, and they overgrow, so you can control them according to the shape of the plant holders. This plant needs a lot of natural light and does best when placed directly in front of the windows. It needs more attention in winter when the interior air is dry.

5. Split- Leaf Philodendron

Split-Leaf Philodendron (Monstera Deliciosa) is a must-have for decorative house plants. It is attractive to look at with its big glossy green leaves with deep splits, but it is also easy to care for. I love the vibrant color and the size of the leaves, and since it’s not so bushy, it’s easy to be placed throughout the space.

Tips: Water every week to ten days and make sure to keep it in direct bright sunlight. You can replant if you gently cut off the roots with your hands, and then mix them up with the soil in a new planter giving you a lovely new plant.


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