Meet suraia!

Born & raised in Angola to multicultural parents, I grew up with deep roots in Africa and Portugal. I had the unique experiences of traveling to many countries at a young age that expanded my love and appreciation of people and cultures. My mother & grandmother both instilled in me the importance of a free spirit and the gift of courage to live my life fully and give generously. It is said that “our siblings become our first best friends.” That is especially true of the bond I share with my brothers and sister. They have driven me to express myself and to live an authentic life. And that inspires me to nurture the same in my children as well as support my client’s home vision that evokes the love of family connections.

Married to my best friend and mother of two beautiful teenagers, I know firsthand the importance of creating a home space that feels blissful as well as beautiful. I believe the kitchen is the heart of the home as that is where we nourish our bodies and souls. While living in New Jersey, we bought and fully renovated our home to reflect this significant value. In addition, our children always felt excited to invite their friends to our home as it was a place where everyone was accepted and cared for with kindness and our shared sense of fun!

Living in Miami now, I am renovating another family home for this chapter of our lives. As you can see, creating designs and transforming spaces is a personal and professional passion. I have happily embraced South Florida Lifestyle, taking pilates classes, riding my bike around Coconut Grove, shopping at the Farmer’s Market, and, of course, boating!

As an entrepreneur, I have had the honor and privilege of serving women through Fashion & Beauty. Nothing is more exciting than witnessing a space transformation and getting heartwarming feedback. Interior Design has been a consistent component of all my career endeavors. Whether it was for my Fashion Boutique or the blissful Mystica Day Spa, my love and natural talents for a design created engaging and inviting atmospheres.

Because of my upbringing and life experiences, I genuinely enjoy listening & learning from my clients to ensure that every project matches the vision. Bonus! I speak English, Portuguese and Spanish fluently.

Elevating Homes

Elevating how you live & love your home

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It is our passion to create the most iconic interiors with the best functionality which completely embraces the clientele’s requirements and we love to transform and give a new spirit to old spaces which adds to their value and satisfies the clientele’s needs. Most importantly, we prioritise client satisfaction above all and that helps us deliver our projects on time, without fail. With this intention, we design and we design to delight. Our Interior designing service ensure that the space is both functional and fun, as well as in compliance with accessibility and safety codes. Catering to all the varied needs of the clientele, we at The Home Interior Design in Miami work in complete sync with our customers to deliver the best, on time, without delay, and this belief makes us the best in our craft.