Focus on functionality, cabinetry, structure, walls, layout, fittings, fixtures, and furniture.

Luxe remodeling is another way of giving an existing structure an advanced and reimagined shape. The old space may be remodeled or it can be extended into a completely new one. This includes a selection of materials, color palette finalization, a listing of required materials, material purchase, and complete planning and execution of remodeling. Luxe remodeling not only helps with improving the design of the structure but also adds additional functional features to it. Luxe Remodeling enhances an old, outdated structure or a broken or damaged structure into a new space, adds value to the space, and rejuvenates it by bringing the old space back to life. So if you wish to add value and functionality to an old space of yours, Luxe Remodeling is the way to go!

Here is what is included:

  1. Initial Consultation & Planning
  2. Conceptual Design
  3. Space Planning
  4. 2D and or 3D Renderings
  5. Color Selections
  6. Finish Selections
  7. Material Selections
  8. Procurement – Purchasing, Tracking, Receiving, Inspecting, Delivery for Installation & Return Management As Needed
  9. Project Management
  10. Install & Styling
  11. *Coordination with General Contractor for Remodeling & Design

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We offer individually designed interiors centered around the people inhabiting the space.